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About Omega


Man’s greatness has reached the moon, and so has Omega’s. Swiss watchmaking that makes its own rules, Omega captures heritage and sport through constant innovation. Founded in 1848 by Louis Brandt, the brand was originally known as La Generale Watch Co. It started with 23-year-old Brandt creating pocket watches by assembling parts provided by local suppliers. Brandt, along with his two sons, designed a new watch movement that soon became the definitive movement of accuracy during its time. This movement was precise, easy to repair, and named the Omega Caliber. Its international success influenced the rebranding of the watch company with a new moniker after its namesake.

The brand makes performance their priority, shown through their Co-axial movement. Launched in 1999.

The brand makes performance their priority, shown through their Co-axial movement. Launched in 1999. The Co-axial escapement’s accuracy developed Omega’s brand identity over the past decade, as this technology decreases the friction, decreases wear and tear, and increases longevity. Made to be worn and intended to be used, Omega’s Co-Axial Caliber 8500 watches are COSC-certified chronometers to confirm/ascertain its astute precision.

Omega timepieces have not only been witness to humanity’s greatest milestones but an integral player in recording/marking history. In 1968, Ralph Plaisted Kelly was the first man to reach the North Pole while wearing an Omega Speedmaster. A year later in 1969, Omega reached the moon when strapped on Buzz Aldrin’s wrist during his infamous descent. After conducting years of testing and research, NASA chose Omega’s Speedmaster as the only wristwatch suitable for space travel. Because of Aldrin’s ascendency, the Speedmaster Professional is now known as The Moon Watch. This was the first of the six lunar missions Omega has been part of, and the adventure hasn’t stopped.

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The Omega Seamaster, James Bond’s watch of choice, has been in production longest. Introduced in 1948, Omega drew inspiration from World War II designs made for the British Royal Navy. The watch originally featured an O-ring gasket for a waterproof seal, akin to the design developed for war submarines. This technology strengthened the watch’s security against temperature and pressure changes, and in 1955, the Seamaster broke the diving record when diver Gordon McLean reached 62.5 meters deep in Australia. On April 28, 2019, Omega made its deepest dive with Victor Vescovo’s plunge to the bottom of Mariana’s Trench at 10,925 metres deep.

Made for breaking records, Omega is also the choice watch company of the Olympics. It’s chronograph’s explicit accuracy was deemed exceptional for measuring time during the Olympic games. Sported by actors, athletes, inventors, rebels, and intellects, Omega is the choice timepiece of the greats. There is a collection made to embark on all walks of life: Constellation, Speedmaster, Seamaster, and Deville.

Elvis Presley’s timepiece was sold for $1.812 million US dollars in a Phillips auction in 2018, deeming it the highest-priced Omega timepiece ever sold at auction. Sold by Tiffany & Co., the watch was gifted to Presley from RCA records in 1961 for selling 75 million records and was won by the Omega Museum.

The wearer is always in mind, and Omega’s Constellation Collection synchronously engineers luxury and artistry together. Omega knows that style and mechanics both require high-quality construction, intentional details, and reliable architecture. For over the past 60 years, the Constellation collection has evolved through multiple aesthetic changes. In 1952, the initial Constellation was made for men with a calibre 354 and featured a star and name of the watch above the 6’oclock marker, and the Observatory of Geneva crowned by a constellation of eight stars was featured on the sealed caseback. Its early automatic bumper movements were named after the small thud from the rotor hitting a spring and bumping back. These rotors moved back and forth at around 120 degrees, thus ‘bumping off’ a pair of springs on opposing ends of the watch, which was dubbed an effective way of accruing kinetic energy by English watchmaker, John Harwood, in 1923. The Constellation went on to include pie-pan dials, integrated bracelets, quartz calibres, claws, and a women’s collection.

We love to explore. We look for adventure and when we can’t find it, we make it. We know with Omega, we can turn the mundane into something remarkable. As Brandt discovered, it’s the small changes that make the biggest difference, and that’s why we relish in the details. Omega’s choice of material augments performance and beauty to pioneer each piece as performative in every way. Wristwatches that make a statement in both style and function means we trust Omega’s robust technologies to lead the way on our next expedition.

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Omega’s ability to preserve its heritage while adapting to the ever-evolving environment sets it apart. Setting new industry standards and then competing against them to make greater advancements is first-nature to the brand, and inspires us to challenge ourselves daily. When we check the time, we’re reminded of the history that brought us here, of the discoveries that changed humanity, and of the inventions that we have yet to create. Omega lets us know it’s always the right time to start recording our legacy.

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