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Muses Marilyn Monroe Special Edition Pearl Fountain Pen

SKU: 117884

$1,440.00 CAD

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Muses Marilyn Monroe Special Edition Pearl Fountain Pen

SKU: 117884 Category:

Montblanc Muses


Rose gold-coated, set with a pearl


White precious resin


White precious resin

Writing System

Fountain Pen


Special Edition Pearl

Weight (G)


Dimensions (CM)

14.51 x 1.7


Burgundy Red, Corn Poppy Red, Irish Green, Lavender Purple, Midnight Blue, Montblanc ink cartridges: Mystery Black, Oyster Gray, Royal Blue, Toffee Brown


2 Year Manufacturer's warranty

Marilyn Monroe (1926 _ 1962) has become an American cultural icon, celebrated by many the world over. The actress was a prodigy of Lee Strasberg and one of the most popular sex symbols of the 1950s. To this day she continues to inspire women all around the globe ensuring her status as a culture and style icon. The design of the Muses Marilyn Monroe was inspired by the iconic Ferragamo high heels that Marilyn wore, reflecting her femininity and sensuality. The color of the writing instrument refers to the iconic white dress that she famously wore in the film “The Seven Year Itch”. The shape of the clip with pearl recalls her jewelry and love of pearls.

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